Your Ultimate Retirement Package

Consider this: your body is your ultimate retirement package.

Being fit means being capable. When you are finally able to break free from the daily grind, will you be physically able to chase your dreams? Will you have enough energy to do exciting and rewarding things? Will you be able to travel, or work in the garden, or keep up with your grandkids?

Mobility, muscle mass, bone density and immune strength are developed and maintained through proper investment strategies. As you develop your financial retirement strategies, you might ask yourself: Am I investing enough? Am I diversified? Should I consult an advisor? The exact same questions are appropriate when evaluating your health and fitness.

With any investment, you expect to get a return. Investing in your health can be extremely effective and “profitable” when you know the best places to invest.

Activities like walking, cycling and running are excellent options for maintaining mobility and cardiovascular health. Yoga is a time-tested investment in flexibility. Weight lifting is important for building muscle tone and sustaining bone health. However, if you choose to focus on only one of these activities, it simply isn’t enough. Our bodies are sophisticated machines that need a multi-faceted approach for optimal function and performance. Appropriate effort, timing, duration, proper nutrition, adequate hydration and rest are all critical elements in the equation.

So how do you even begin to create a strategy with so many variables? That’s where we can help. You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym to have a better life with more energy, physical freedom and less pain.

The coaches at Seva Fitness Academy can help you put together a program that eliminates the guesswork, so you can maximize your precious time. We guide you through the process, provide accountability and optimize your results. At Seva, you can exercise with purpose and intelligence in a private, professional and focused environment.

We are here to help you plan for your retirement! Contact us today on Facebook or at where we help you achieve Functional Fitness for Life.

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About the Author : Eric Romanak