Working Out with Depression

Depression makes sticking to a workout a hard thing to do.

One of the most difficult parts of having Fibromyalgia besides the physical pain is coping with Depression. Not everyone who has Fibro suffers from Depression but it is a common part of the problem for many with Fibro. People without Fibro who suffer from Depression itself also can have a very hard time sticking with a workout regimen.


Because Depression lies and makes you feel worthless. It can cause actual physical pain by itself outside of a Fibro flare up. It makes you feel like you have no energy at all, especially not enough to get out of bed.

How do I cope with trying to stick to a workout routine while dealing with these issues? I try to be honest with my trainers. I work out with several of the trainers at Seva Fitness Academy, but Natalie Brelsford seems to get the brunt of my problems these days. Reason being is that our scheduled time is on Friday. So after an exhausting week, I am sometimes more susceptible to my body being worn out on Fridays.

I tell Natalie the truth. When I can’t make it out of bed, she understands. But when I can at least manage to get up and get my clothes on, I tell her what I am feeling. She then creates a workout to fit whatever is going on with me either mentally or physically on that day. Some days all I can manage is mobility exercises. Simple movements to stretch out my joints and ligaments can feel like lifting a thousand pounds sometimes. She understands and helps adjust each and every movement that she plans for me.

Being honest isn’t always easy. When I first started working out with Eric Romanak over 3 ½ years ago, I came up with every excuse in the book on days that I had nothing left in my tank. I would say I had to work, or that I had a cold or anything just to not be honest about what was holding me back? Why? Because I was afraid of looking like a failure, not that he would believe that about me, but I would. Both Fibromyalgia and Depression have an insidious way of undermining your self esteem and self worth.


But you know what? Exercise helps with that. However, overexertion can be just as damaging as not working out at all. That is why being honest with your trainer is so important. Believe me, Eric had a tough row to hoe getting me through the early stages of my becoming an athlete. I still have a hard time saying that about myself. But with his help, and everyone else at Seva, I am finally starting to believe it can be true.

Don’t sell yourself short by believing the lies that Depression and Fibromyalgia tell you about your inability to do exercise. You might not be able to work out at maximum every day. But getting out of bed and going to the gym just to climb those steps up to Seva is a win. Believe me, take the wins where you can get them. Don’t let mental or physical pain keep you from becoming the best version of yourself.

But most importantly, on the days you can’t do it, be honest and don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just try again tomorrow!

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