Consider for a moment: How successful would any athlete or team be without a coach?

Plain and simple: They wouldn’t be successful. Sure there could be a victory here and there against inferior competitors, but when truly challenged they would falter and wither quickly under stagnation and lack of direction.

Perhaps you already have the resources to research your own workouts and the self-discipline to give consistent effort several days a week. So why spend time and money on a coach?

Coaches study and critique, using their experience to inform “big picture” strategy. They have spent their careers learning how to help athletes maximize their performance potential.

What if you aren’t an “athlete”?

The reality that escapes so many is: We are all athletes performing in this game called life.

After all, isn’t life just a series of performances strung together? You perform at your job. Perhaps you have a role to fill as parent or spouse. You’re performing even as you cook a meal, clean your house or chase after your kids.

Excellent performances are inherently rewarding and make us feel better. Conversely, a string of mediocre performances or flat out failures can have detrimental effects on physical and emotional health.

The principles behind fitness are the same as any other performance endeavor. One of the key principles of conditioning states “Whatever behavior you repeat becomes easier to repeat.” If you’re continuously practicing focus, efficiency, awareness and progress you are creating the skillset to get better at these things in other areas of your life as well.

Most people don’t have time to investigate and research the best health and fitness practices, much less cultivate the experience to apply them appropriately. It’s even more challenging to observe yourself objectively and make appropriate corrections.

Sometimes people read a good book or fitness article then try it out at the gym for a while with no one to critique, evaluate, or guide them in what they should do next.

Or they may buddy up with a fitness enthusiast who may be well-intentioned and have some knowledge, but who lacks the formal education to work with body styles other than their own, not having a full understanding of anatomy and mechanics. This can ultimately lead to injuries, frustration and plateaus.

Investing in your health is one of the most important investments you can make. It’s not selfish, IT’S A NECESSITY. Your body is the only vessel in which you will travel through this life. The out-of-pocket cost of one knee surgery could pay for two years of personal training. A good trainer will help you keep your body in alignment so your knee won’t be compromised.

I believe in the coaching process. I work with three professional coaches, and the investments I’ve made with them have been the best investments I’ve ever made. My coaches keep their experienced eyes on my progress, keep me moving upward and hold me accountable so I don’t fall victim to my own ignorance, or believe the voices of resistance in my head.

Respect and gratitude,
Eric Romanak
Owner/Executive Coach
Seva Fitness Academy

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