The Quick Fix

Have you had trouble losing weight? Have you ever considered weight loss supplements as a solution to your problem?

If you really want to lose weight, the last thing you probably need is a weight-loss supplement.
Being overweight isn’t a problem, but rather a side effect.

Weight gain is a natural byproduct of an unhealthy behavior pattern. In other words, reaching for a “quick fix” (i.e. fast food, processed food, emotional overeating) is probably the real problem.

Taking a weight loss supplement only reinforces that quick fix behavior cycle. That’s why people gain the weight back and then some. They try to lose weight too quickly! Even if it’s accomplished without supplements, rapid weight loss is often counterproductive in the long run.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Sure, you may lose weight at first with a supplement, but then your body will eventually adapt and plateau. That’s how humans have survived for millennia – adaptation.

Then what? That’s when the real work comes in… the long grinding everyday work. But if you haven’t learned that lasting changes can only be made over time, you will continue seeking other quick fixes.
Or… you chase another product, and God only knows what you’re doing to your body chemistry with half the supplements on the market. The big chemical swings in your body do not come without a price.

An argument can be made for using a weight-loss supplement to kickstart a healthy lifestyle change. If you are the statistical anomaly that successfully piggy-backed rapid weight loss into a complete health overhaul after you got a taste of weight loss, then I applaud you! Keep it up!!!

I’m not trying to be a downer about all this. My Facebook feed is full of advertisements for supplements right now, so I know I’m potentially pissing quite a few people off.

Please know I completely empathize with where you are, I’ve taken weight loss pills before. I’ve lost weight and put it all back on!

What I now know for certain is that the only permanent fix to having the lifestyle and body that you want is to change your behavior AND TO DO IT FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

Permanent weight loss is a byproduct of loving yourself and fueling the deep desire to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Dig deeper. Fan the right spark. Tend to that fire daily.

Go win 2017!

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