• Name: Sara Darling
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Sara’s story with Seva started four years ago when we put out an ad looking for applicants to receive a free year of personal training. All you had to do was send a short video that said why you thought you’d be a good candidate for the scholarship. Sara sent in a video and was accepted.

That year was a hurricane for Sara. Her personal life was completely flipped upside down with a divorce and all the doubts and fears that come with it, yet she still came every week and was happy to be here.

She made it through her year commitment, and despite having to readjust to a completely new life she never wavered on her commitment to herself. She had the wisdom and maturity to know what was at stake. The easy thing would have been to go home after work and try to find comfort in easy releases like food, drink and sinking into the sofa. Instead she chose the path of strength and focus for her and her son. She just kept showing up.

Sara is in the middle of one of the greatest comeback stories of all time. Her experiences pushing through the suck are as inspiring as I’ve ever heard. Not only does she know the material, she lives the process by example. She can turn on the grit as easily as she can drop her ego. In short… Sara is Seva, and everything it stands for.