• Name: Laura Webber
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My fitness journey began in 2012 when I decided I wanted to become a runner and lose weight.  Once I discovered what my body was capable of, I was inspired to help others reach their full potential.  Exercise has restored me physically, emotionally and mentally; helping me to become a more confident and mature version of myself. Running and working on my body have been an outlet that I needed in some of the most difficult times in my life when I could have easily chosen unhealthy decisions.
I became an NASE Speed Specialist in 2015 and an NASM Certified Personal trainer in 2017. I will complete a Bachelors degree in Wellness and Fitness from CalU in Pennsylvania within the next year.
I design each workout with specific goals in mind based on what each client wishes to achieve, while also working to restore mobility and strength throughout the body.   It is my desire to motivate and encourage others to discover that strength truly comes from within and that movement is medicine for the body and mind.