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Julie holds a 300 hour certification in alignment based yoga from the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors (SIYI) and a Certificate for Nutritional Consulting from the Nutritional Therapy Association in Olympia, Washington. Julie’s yoga teaching is primarily centered around Hatha Yoga with emphasis on proper alignment and breath work.

Amazed at how a regular yoga practice and healthy diet helped to alleviate the stresses of corporate life and provide better balance, Julie began to do more research on yoga and nutrition.

“I have studied yoga for 15 years and practiced good nutrition for most of my life. I continue to learn through experience and formal training the many benefits of a regular yoga practice coupled with mindful eating. It is with great joy and humility that I share my yoga and nutrition knowledge by instructing individuals with physical movement (asana), breath work (pranamaya) and solid nutritional guidance. A typical yoga class with Julie is a mindful journey filled with peaceful energy and humor.

As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Julie supports clients by making nutritional recommendation’s which can balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness from a foundational holistic perspective. Clients are evaluated and then receive personalized nutritional programs for improving their health and controlling weight. Julie is committed to assisting client’s with reversing the ill effects of the modern diet.


100%Certified Yoga Instructor 300 Hour
100%Certified Nutritional Consultant