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Eric Romanak is a social entrepreneur with a relentless vision for making health and fitness accessible for everyday people. As a child, he seriously struggled with his weight, bullying and self-worth. By his twenties, he was divorced, bankrupt, overweight and had dropped out of college. Finally exhausted from suffering with anxiety, anger, and an addictive personality, Eric decided to do something different and began practicing martial arts. Soon he began to realize significant mental benefits from “getting back in his body” He immersed himself further into things like yoga, running, tactical fitness and nutrition. He now teaches a mind-body fitness approach that goes beyond exercise and weight loss which he shares with everyone from juvenile inmates to successful executives. His life’s work is about teaching the true value of health in order to make everyday life more meaningful, and trying to bring the world into an age of wellness.

Before becoming a fitness professional, Eric was an aspiring artist and musician. He believes this background gave him a unique perspective on personal health. He is the proud father of two amazing children Mason and Maya, and has been happily married to his “first health coach” Denise, since 2000.

He has been an instructor in Yoga, Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tactical Fitness, Strength Training, and Nutrition Coaching.


100%Certified Circular Strength Trainer
100%1000 Hour Class Instructor: Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy
100%300 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor: Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors
100%Certified TACFIT Instructor