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At one point in my life I was extremely overweight, sedentary and unhappy. I suffered both physically and mentally from anxiety and a uncontrollable mind. When I had my first child I realized I had to become a better version of myself, so my children wouldn’t inherit my condition by default. I soon took up martial arts, tai chi and yoga. Having a holistic practice created so much healing and balance in my life. Over time, I became more equipped with the strength and skillset to sustain a healthy lifestyle. My passion is to share these timeless teachings to my community. They are principles that are available to anyone no matter age or body type. Wellness is a lifelong path. The only magic bullet is accepting that true transformation happens gradually at a different rate and approach with each individual.


100%Certified Circular Strength Trainer
100%1000 Hour Class Instructor: Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy
100%300 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor: Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors
100%Certified TACFIT Instructor