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Twenty years ago I began exercising. My favorite challenge was pushups for repetition. I wanted to defeat my previous record every day by one pushup. One year later I developed a shoulder impingement. This was due to my lack of knowledge regarding volume for a particular exercise, as well as appropriate form. Although I reached my goal of one hundred pushups my shoulder suffered from repetitive stress and the range of motion in my shoulder was limited for about six months. It was during this six month period that I began studying different forms of Yoga. The practice of Yoga became my choice form of exercise due to its intense focus on precision of form and breathing. It continues to be the mass of my weekly exercise routine.

I began studying Martial Arts the same month that I became enamored with physical fitness. Throughout the past twenty years I have suffered two critical injuries to my spine because I was stubborn to win routine sparring sessions instead of paying attention to safety for the sake of mine and my partners health. These two spine injuries forced me to take a break from Martial Arts for a total of fourteen months. In addition to spine rehabilitation I began studying Yoga for additional self rehabilitation. This was during the same time I had a shoulder injury. Consistent practice of Yoga helped me recover much sooner than I was expected to recover.

Over the past two decades I found myself helping people understand bodywork in its various forms such as Yoga, resistance training, calisthenics, and my current personal favorite Martial Arts. After some time I decided to turn my passions into careers so that I could continue helping people on a professional level. My goal is to help my clients approach health from the inside out. My creed is for a person to have a firm and consistent foundation of healthy eating habits first. Every human body is different yet we all have the same basic functions.

I want my clients to understand those differences and similarities through personalized training programs so that they limit any potential mistakes, like the mistakes that I made when I had no guidance as a younger man.