Personalized Programs and Coaching to fit ANY lifestyle

Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, gain muscle or just feel better there is nothing more important than the fuel you put in your body. Seva Nutrition Coaches can help you reach your goals with professional assessment, tools and planning.

Julie Folsom

Life Nutrition Program with Julie Folsom

Our Life Nutrition Program focuses on getting your body’s systems to work better. This is a great program for people who may not have high physical activity levels, people working with system imbalances, and for people who are primarily looking for better health and more energy in their daily life.

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How to Get Started

  1. Choose the program that’s right for you: Life Nutrition or Performance Nutrition
  2. Call Julie for Life Nutrition at 270.217.6527 or Eric for Performance Nutrition at 270.210.7842 with your questions or to schedule a consultation. Not sure which program is right for you? Just call or email!

The initial package includes 3 appointments:

  • 1st appointment involves a client interview to discuss your current lifestyle and dietary habits. Clients are given access to a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to be completed prior to the 2nd appointment. Client will also be asked to keep a food journal for a short period.
  • 2nd appointment includes a review of the assessment questionnaire, review of your food journal, initial measurements, and presentation of your personalized program.
  • 3rd appointment will follow up to discuss, measure, and make any adjustments needed to your program.

Price: $499 for your Personal Nutrition Program and 3 private coaching appointments!

Also available are:

SevaFit Diet Plan (1 month) $299
Nutrition Consultation (single session) $60

A Nutritional Consultant does not diagnose or treat disease. We make nutritional recommendations for balancing the body and promoting wellness. Always check with your Doctor about specific medical concerns and treatments.


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