Practicing Fitness

What does “fit” really mean?

That’s a very important question with large implications.

I always equated the word “fit” with exercise and physical attributes like strength and physique. But as I’ve been trying to become more fit for the past 10 years, I have developed a completely different definition.

The simplest definition of the word fit is: to be capable. The person most suitable for a task is the person who is most fit – whether the task is lifting weights over your head, or serving on a board of directors.

Some are naturally more fit than others, and some do the work to increase their capability.

Fitness is a practice that should be woven throughout your life. It is a science of principles and it’s an art. When practiced consistently and intelligently, it adds value to and affects everything in your life.

First, it changes you on a microscopic level. Your cells become more fit. Your immune system becomes stronger against everyday threats from bacteria and viruses. You get sick less. The biochemical components driving cellular function level up and health grows in all corners of your body.

Next, it gives you greater mental acuity and capacity. Your brain is more organized. You can literally lift more of life’s weight, be more flexible, endure things longer, be more efficient and productive.

Bottom line: you are what you practice.

By practicing fitness you are learning the rules and techniques of being more capable. You may not be great at it right away, but with proper guidance you will continue refining your practice. You’re not afraid to do the work! Most importantly, as you progress you will have more energy and mental capacity to do it.

I don’t work out anymore. I practice fitness.

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