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My Seva Story

Please let me introduce myself.

I have been given an incredible opportunity. As guest blogger, it is my privilege to tell you how Seva Fitness Academy changed my life.

Born and raised in Paducah, KY I left for college and followed the road-less-traveled back home. I am a licensed CPA and certified Human Resources professional. I am a complete nerd – a total data junkie. I think in spreadsheets. I am a 40 year-old single mom to a teenage daughter with blue hair. We own two guinea pigs, Poco and Poppy (aka “Dog”). I love horror movies, hiking and kayaking, crafting, and studying special effects makeup.

I spend six to seven hours a week in the gym working on mobility, weight training, and practicing yoga. I am (in my most critical opinion) in the best shape of my life.

In 33 days I will undergo my second of at least three hip surgeries.

This is where I start to feel a little uncomfortable. October 17, 2013 I experienced a displaced femoral neck fracture while running a race. When describing it, I typically just say, “I broke the ball joint off the top of my femur.”

And while I talk about it frequently, I never wanted this injury to define me. It took me 10 months to re-learn movement through each stage of my recovery: wheelchair, walker, crutches, one crutch, cane. With fierce independence, I insisted during that entire time this was an injury, not a handicap.

The manner in which I broke my hip – the severity of the damage I did to myself – left my left leg one-half inch shorter than my right. I wear an insert in my shoe all the time. Sometimes it slides around. Sometimes I have to adjust it. Sometimes the weather makes my bones ache and I limp a little. Some days I hurt a lot and I feel like I can barely walk. Some days I grab the cane out of the back of my closet, because I’m not sure I will be able to make it without it.

But I never wanted this injury to be a part of my identity.

What I’ve come to realize is it is the best part of me. It led me here.

I struggled my whole life to understand what role fitness was supposed to play in my life. I was a fairly active child. I did all the typical kid stuff: running around outside, riding bikes, playing in creeks, hanging upside down off monkey bars. But I wasn’t really into sports until high school and college (soccer and then rugby). Even then I was one of the people on the team who made it because they had enthusiasm and a “great attitude.” I had a love-hate relationship with running (mostly hate, but then later in life it became an obsession). I had nightmares about failing military fitness tests I had to pass in college. I was never happy with the way I looked. Diets never worked for me. I never could quite reach my fitness goals.

I have learned a lot through this process. I have learned a wealth of information about anatomy and physiology. I know more about hip surgery than an average 40 year old should probably know. I have learned about longevity and bone health. I’ve learned about stress fractures, and exercise science, and optimal diets for reducing inflammation. I have learned about arthritis, and the struggles that exist for people with mobility issues.

I learned and am still learning about some things I’m really bad at: patience, disappointment, forgiveness (more specifically, forgiving myself).

But most importantly, I learned about loving myself and challenging myself.

I learned those things because I met some beautiful people who live and work right here in our small town who have these huge hearts and all these intelligent answers to my question: How do I build the healthiest version of Me?

But I had to break my hip to be ready to listen. I had to start at the very beginning to rebuild.

And I am about to do it all over again.

This time, I plan to share my experience with you in the hopes that my journey can help each of you experience your own Seva story.  Check back regularly for updates!

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