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My health journey began in 2012 when I wanted to lose weight and become a runner. Once I discovered what my body was capable of, I was inspired to help others reach their full potential. Exercise and wellness have restored me physically, emotionally, and mentally; helping me to become a more confident and mature version of myself. Running and working on my body have been an outlet that I needed in some of the most difficult times in my life.

I became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer in 2017. I also completed a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Wellness and Fitness in 2019. I am also a Holistic Nutrition consultant certified by the AFPA to better provide nutrition guidance and health-based eating and decision-making skills.

I believe healthy doses of movement and exercise are really an individual factor. That’s why I love coaching; everyone comes with a unique story and set of experiences that will shape how their health journey goes and I love being a part of each one. It is my desire to motivate and encourage others to discover the strength that truly comes from within and that movement and nutrition are medicine for the body and mind. I design each workout with my client’s goals in mind while helping to restore mobility and strength throughout the entire body.

Healthy eating looks different for every individual person and nutrition needs differ for each of us. Nutrition needs are different for adults, children, gender, and stage of life. That is why none of my nutrition plans look the same from one client to another. Why should we all expect to be able to follow the exact same eating plan and get good results?

The answer is: You can’t. And you shouldn’t be expected to do that.

My mission is to help you investigate how you should be eating to restore and maintain your health. I will assess your goals, needs, personality, and your lifestyle to give you a realistic nutrition plan to follow. If you know what you want to achieve then I can provide a map to help guide you to the results. I have worked with men looking to bulk and build muscle, ladies who want to eat to nourish their hormones, thyroid patients, fibromyalgia patients and more.

Most of us do not receive the education we need to make healthy food choices while we are in school or even in college. Let me help you navigate the grocery store, read food labels, and teach you to look past all the advertisements and know what is really in your meals and what you should be eating to reach your full potential. You might even find some new foods to enjoy along the way!



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