In Search Of

I’m looking for a certain kind of client.

I’m looking for someone who would really like to start working out, but feels the typical gym environment isn’t necessarily their cup of tea.

I’m looking for people who don’t have time to waste on figuring out the best workout to meet their goals at this phase of life.

I want to find people who want to make their bodies well-functioning machines so they can experience physical freedom and get more out of life for many years to come.

I’m looking for people who want to be challenged appropriately, effectively and without injuries from overuse and misuse – people who want to learn how to work out better not just harder.

I don’t care how athletic you are, or what your limitations are. However, I do care that you recognize where you are, and concede that’s the only place you can start from. This isn’t about “where you think you should be.” It’s about honoring your body exactly as it is now, and giving it the support and nourishment it needs to grow and perform at its best for you.

We take it one step at a time. Your body and the data decide when it’s time to take the next step… Not your ego, not your your insecurities.

I can work with anyone, but these are the people who get the best results. These are the winners. These are the wise warriors who change for life and don’t look back. Patient, strong, enduring.

And if this isn’t you… It could be.

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About the Author : Eric Romanak