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Something I believe…

I believe movement is life. As water stagnates it becomes diseased. We are no different. When we stop moving we start dying.

I believe when we stop loving and challenging ourselves we start giving up on ourselves, like pressing the accelerator to the grave. Human beings would not have continued to evolve if we hadn’t learned to avoid hurting ourselves or how to adapt to physical challenges. This is our hard-wiring. It’s woven into our DNA.

I believe the body is constantly talking to us. If we re-learn its language we can begin to have the relationship with our bodies we’ve always wanted and needed. When this happens we become our greatest ally instead of our own worst enemy. We become someone who not only survives, but thrives.

Our bodies truly are amazing and capable of so much transformation and potential, especially when placed in the right environment and appropriately challenged. Where most people fall short of real change is when they think their lack of will power is the main reason for their failure. Often their failure is due to poor training techniques. Often they simply get frustrated with slower-than-expected results, losing sight of the true power of the long game.

The vitality of our bodies is our most elemental resource. It is also completely tethered to the vitality of our minds, and the quality of the remaining years of our lives.

I didn’t start my health journey until I was almost 30 years old. Now I’m completely mesmerized and almost childishly curious about what the human body is capable of. Exercising for personal development, and learning to eat for fuel has given me energy and resources that have greatly enhanced my life. It has helped elevate people around me as well, and that’s what this is all about…

I believe that choosing to make ourselves better is the truest way we make the world a better place. If you don’t like the way the world is then do something about it.

Start becoming someone who’s capable of making it better. Be a better protector. Be a better provider. Health is our greatest wealth, and there is no doubt we can do more when we are stronger, more focused, and have the energy to endure.

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About the Author : Eric Romanak