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If I could change this one thing I’d make a lot more money… But I can’t.

The truth is: real change comes in excruciating increments for those who truly want it.

I started my journey towards health over a decade ago. I was (and still am) riddled with troubled habits, non-optimal genes and some dysfunctional hardwiring.

For years I spent lots of money and time chasing programs that promised results. In truth, many of them did produce some results but I couldn’t maintain them.

There were many reasons why things did not “stick”, but as I look back on all these different attempts now they seem like sentences that string together to form a bigger story. Each attempt came with a lesson to take something from it and advance it into a better next attempt. I could only learn one lesson at a time. That was my pace.

I began to gravitate towards less gimmicky programs and products over time, getting me a little deeper into my root issues that made me unhealthy in the first place.

When I started practicing martial arts, specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I was a little taken aback that it was going to take 10-20 years to earn my black belt. Very soon I learned I had to back off my Ego’s quest for quick returns and settle in for the long game. It’s very hard to do, but that’s why I have to keep practicing it.

I can definitely feel the allure of “instant gratification” – a symptom of becoming a technologically advanced culture. We have everything quickly at our fingertips. Yet the pace of nature is slow, and that’s the pace my body has allegiance to. I’m not a technological being, I’m an organic one.

It may be a bad business model, but as a coach I do not promise “fast” results. No doubt you will leave your sessions feeling better, and after 90 days of continuous work people typically see and feel substantial differences. What I do promise are natural results from a continuous sustained effort.

The market is flooded with chemical technologies to quicken things for you. Some supplements can aide you in your progress and support lifestyle demands. But if someone expects that 2 decades of neglect can be completely reversed in 6 months to a year, then I am not a good fit for them.

Your mindset, your body, your age, your exercise history and your lifestyle demands are all pulling or pushing, accelerating or decelerating your rate of progress. It’s a complex issue.

However, when someone comes to the realization that they have nothing better to do with their time other than take care of their vessel, I will be a great asset on their support team.

Everyone has their own pace. Some people do adapt very quickly, but some people don’t. I must stress that speed is not the indicator of improvement. Only improvement is improvement!

It’s a lifestyle shift, and it’s an organic process. Meaningful progress is what makes us feel better about ourselves and makes life seem more fulfilling. To continuously be doing better than you were is what gives us momentum, and that’s the game changer!

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