Our trademarked HumanFit system is designed to be a complete maintenance program for busy people. HumanFit focuses on reclaiming lost ranges of motion, correcting muscle imbalances, and targeting the most important aspects of keeping your body strong through each phase of life. Each exercise is scalable for all levels of fitness, age and body types. Available in group classes, personal training and online coaching.

Before real change can happen a new narrative needs to be created in our minds.

Our presentations are designed to be engaging, thought provoking and empowering. Let us ignite your organization with a custom TED-style presentation to help realign your team with the importance of personal engagement and optimizing the human machine.


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Eric Romanak is a social entrepreneur with a relentless vision for making health and fitness accessible for everyday people. As a child, he seriously struggled with his weight, bullying and self-worth. By his twenties he was divorced, bankrupt, overweight and had dropped out of college. Finally exhausted from suffering with anxiety, anger and an addictive personality, Eric decided to do something different and began practicing martial arts. Soon he began to realize significant mental benefits from getting back in his body. He immersed himself further into things like yoga, running, tactical fitness and nutrition. He now teaches a mind-body fitness approach that goes beyond exercise and weight loss which he shares with everyone from juvenile inmates to successful executives. His life’s work is about teaching the true value of health in order to make everyday life more meaningful, and trying to bring the world into an age of wellness.

Before becoming a fitness professional, Eric was an aspiring artist and musician. He believes this background gave him a unique perspective on personal health. He is the proud father of two amazing children Mason and Maya, and has been happily married to his first health coach Denise, since 2000.

He has been an instructor in Yoga, Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tactical Fitness, Strength Training and Nutrition Coaching.
Eric is also a UESCA Certified Running Coach.

Reframing the STORY OF HEALTH to make health and fitness finally stick. Our Amazon bestseller is available for free download or in paperback.

Reframing the STORY OF HEALTH to make health and fitness finally stick. Our Amazon bestseller is available for free download or in paperback.

Eric Romanak is a master of motivation and a compassionate butt kicker. His knowledge of human physiology and nutrition ensure that he always keeps his clients engaged without ever getting discouraged.




Since 1975 our obesity rate has tripled along with a downward spiral of other personal health issues. Simply put, the lens that we have been viewing health is not clear enough to fight against the cultural influences we are surrounded by. This video by our founder Eric Romanak gives us a glimpse of how to rewrite our story of health, so we can make health and fitness finally stick in our lives.















Healthy People Make Healthy Businesses

Personal health is at the heart of our biggest concerns in society. Chronic illness, mental health, personal performance and our quality of life as a whole are all directly tied to our self-care. Unfortunately, confusion and ignorance keep many of us from getting a foothold on reclaiming our health.

The focus of our approach is to reframe health in a new, personal and digestible way. You need your employees to feel more engaged in the outcome of your business, and we know that starts with being more engaged with their own personal well-being.

To educate, equip and empower your team, our services include:

  • TED style presentations
    (Topics range and can be customized)
  • Surviving the Office workshops
    (Practical and accessible stress management tools rooted in biology)
  • Live Better Die Slower Workshops
    (Helping to align people with the “True Value of Personal Health”, and how to create your own custom approach to get you back on the road to health)
  • Eat Better Live Better Workshops
    (Education, tools and tips for establishing a better relationship with food)
  • M.T.N. “Moving the Needle”: Goal Climbing System Workshop
    (A proven and easy system for staying focused and building success.)
  • Ongoing private coaching and small group coaching
    (remote or in person)
  • Professional online videos and continued support
    (Education and tools available at your fingertips)

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