How often should I work out?

Ideally, every day! We are made to move. However, each workout day should not have the same amount of intensity. You should schedule High, Middle, and Low intensity days throughout the week in order to give the body an adequate amount of challenge, but also an adequate amount of recovery time.

What should I wear?

You can wear tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants… Anything that you’re comfortable sweating in! We don’t wear shoes on the mat so they are not required. Socks are optional, but the mats can be slippery when wearing them.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. You can register your card for an automatic monthly withdraw as well. You can pay for private training, nutrition consultation, group classes and gift certificates online.

If you have a special purchase that is not on our website, and would like to pay by credit card, email us at  to receive a PayPal invoice.

What is the difference between 101, 201, and 301 classes?

Fitness 101 classes are the Seva basics-, they focus on learning proper bone alignment; breath work; and mechanics.

Fitness 201 classes build onto 101 by adding more compound motor patterns, intensity, and equipment.

Fitness 301 class exercises are inherently higher intensity, have complex motor patterns, or may require jumping and heavier lifting. It’s good to check with an instructor before attending a 301 class.

What is joint mobility?

Joint mobility is using gentle, flowing movements to stimulate joint lubrication. We use this technique to warm up before exercise and decrease the chance of injury, as well as help restore mobility and therefore functionality.

What’s up with the loud breathing?

Breath is a physical link between mental and physical processes. In other words, breath work is a way to calm the body in moments of high stress, whether that’s because of a self-induced workout or staying collected during a critical job interview. Our breathing is one of the few actions that we consciously and unconsciously control, so we use it to our advantage during exercise. Having a conscious breath practice during exercise literally doubles the effectiveness of your time spent.