• Seva Fitness is a fitness practice based upon the fundamental principles for optimal operation of the human body. We move around in the same biochemical machine for an entire lifetime, yet most people have never been taught how to maximize this incredible gift.If we’ve ever been taught how to develop and use our bodies over the course of our lives, it is typically in the context of competitive sports rather than simple routine maintenance and longevity. It is entirely possible a person might never have an opportunity to learn proper exercise technique and body mechanics necessary for living a long productive life. Learning how our bodies moves safely and supported under load and tension is a critical lifeskill necessary for reducing injuries and enjoying an active independent life.
  • Seva Fitness is a community of people trying to live life better for the right reasons. The company you keep and the environment in which you plant yourself are essential variables in personal development. You can’t plant a good seed in poor soil and achieve productive growth. A community committed to showing up for life and striving to be better every day lights the fires that so often struggle to stay lit in our day-to-day. Seva Fitness is a recharging station.
  • Seva Fitness is an approach and a mindset rooted in the idea that the path of quality naturally creates greater quantities, but not necessarily the other way around. We strive to walk the line of challenging yourself and honoring what is appropriate for you. We believe a hybrid approach to fitness is optimal for the body and the mind, and continuously work for more cooperation with our central nervous system.

This kind of training changes and transforms lives. At Seva you will not just be working out, you will be sharpening your sword. You will be practicing the art and science of being a better functioning human machine all while doing so in a safe and supportive environment.

Fitness for everyBODY:

If you’ve been frustrated with fitness before, or you have never felt right in a gym, then consider Seva Fitness Academy.

Some people are graciously born with natural athleticism. For the other 80% of us, exercise can be extremely challenging and sometimes dangerous because we do not know how to use our bodies as effectively as we could. Like any other endeavor, fitness and wellness consists of principles and tools that can make us more coordinated and efficient. And it can be learned!

What does “Seva” mean?

Seva is an ancient word for service. The idea behind Seva Fitness is to pursue health not only as a service to ourselves, but as a service to everyone else. The more fit and capable you are, the more you will provide for your loved ones and your community. Essentially, when we make ourselves better, we make the world a little better. Seva is a way to do our part.

Why is Seva Fitness Different?



Neutralize the effects of negative
stress on the body-mind

We have to begin our journeys by getting our bodies back to a more natural and neutral state. Stress that the body has adapted to negatively takes a serious toll on us. Things like Sitting Disease, old injuries, bad posture and poor mechanics add up over time to cause significant problems. If we are not careful we can actually do more harm than good when we exercise. By taking the time to regain mobility, learn proper alignment, and strengthen weakened muscles we find ourselves with more energy and less pain.



Ignite the inner fire:
Leverage positive stress

You are a performance machine. What kind of machine you are – whether it be a race car or a rusty truck – depends a lot on how well it is maintained. The human machine needs maintenance in the form of positive stress, but we are not taught as a culture what this is supposed to feel like. Too little stress is the same as too much, and the Seva method is to get you to find your “Goldilocks zone”, also known as eustress. Realizing that your health and relationship with stress can be actively shaped instead of passively experienced is the spark that will ignite our engine, giving us endurance for the life we truly want to live.



Be a better version of yourself:
Level up… Win Life!

As we remove the restrictive forces and develop our driving forces in our bodies we literally transform into a different person… Physically and mentally! As it is said in yoga, “Where the body goes the mind follows.” With your new sense of health and strength you will be more equipped to handle life’s challenges, and a rejuvenated spirit that will give life more meaning and satisfaction. Win life!

Our classes



Monday 6:30-7:30 PM, Wednesday 5:30 PM, Thursday 8:30-9:30 AM — TacFit has been called “The world’s smartest ...
$ 40

Yoga Basics 101

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 PM — Find balance while both challenging yourself and caring for yourself. Calming breathwork, fluid ...
$ 40
Yoga for Strength

Yoga 201

Monday & Thursday 5:30 PM — Find balance while both challenging yourself and caring for yourself. Calming ...
$ 40

FlowFit 201

Tuesday 6:30-7:30 PM FlowFit is a connected stream of exercises and yoga postures designed to increase focus ...
$ 40