Your Ultimate Retirement Package

Consider this: your body is your ultimate retirement package. Being fit means being capable. When you are finally able to break free from the daily grind, will you be physically able to chase your dreams? Will you have enough energy to do exciting and rewarding things? Will you be able to travel, or work in […]

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In Search Of

I’m looking for a certain kind of client. I’m looking for someone who would really like to start working out, but feels the typical gym environment isn’t necessarily their cup of tea. I’m looking for people who don’t have time to waste on figuring out the best workout to meet their goals at this phase […]

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Martial Arts and Yoga – A Perfect Partnership for Functional Fitness

Before I was a fitness coach I was a martial arts and yoga instructor. When I started Seva Fitness three years ago, I was driven by the belief that I┬áhad something meaningful to offer people who wanted to live healthier┬álives. As a student of wise and talented mentors and coaches from various disciplines, I had […]

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